Jesse Eakin @jesseeakin

Location: Space Station Tulsa, planet Oklahoma

Favorite character: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Favorite film: The Empire Strikes Back

Favorite book: Darth plagieus

My ship: Obi-wan’s delta 7 aethersprite

Weapon of choice: Luke’s ROTJ lightsaber

Podcasting weapon of choice: Optimism

Strengths: prequelist, Encyclopedic Star Wars and Legends knowledge, the high ground, tolerating co-hosts’s antics

Weaknesses: prequelist, Details of Disney canon, this is why he hates flying, doesn’t have the password to edit the website

Mike Carpenter @piraterodeo

Location: Salt Lake Base, planet Utah

Favorite character: Han Solo

Favorite film: The Last Jedi

Favorite book: Chewie & the Porgs

My ship: Lando’s millennium falcon

weapon of choice: rancor

Podcasting weapon of choice: Snark

Strengths: Sequel era, has the password to edit the website, rian johnson liked my tweet this one time, seeing through the lies of the Jedi, the ewok adventure films

Weaknesses: The Old Republic, wolves in Star Wars & the guy who put them there, Reylo, sand

mike website.jpg