The Canon Cantina is going to Star Wars Celebration


It’s official, The Canon Cantina will be live at Star Wars Celebration on the Podcast Stage! Join us on Saturday, April 13th at 2 pm on the Podcast Stage to talk about Episode IX, breaking Celebration news, and to celebrate our favorite Luke Skywalker moments together. We’ll have some exclusive swag that you can only get by seeing us on the Podcast Stage. Come talk the Luke Skywalker story with us and have a chance to share your favorite Luke moment on the show!

For more information about the Podcast Stage, and to learn about all the other great shows at Celebration, click here.

Join hosts Mike and Jesse as they explore the journey of Luke Skywalker weekly on The Canon Cantina. With the goal of covering every major Luke story by the release of Episode IX, they analyze decades of Legends source material alongside new canon with the aim of answering three key questions:

  • What state is Luke in as he begins his journey?

  • How do the events and characters he encounters impact his development as a hero?

  • How does the Luke presented in each story, whether Legends or canon, compare to the Luke we meet in The Last Jedi?

The Canon Cantina’s ultimate hope is that by exploring Luke Skywalker, the heart of the Star Wars story, they can reconcile the different perspectives and help heal the current fracture in the fan community.

While Luke’s journey is the core of the show, other aspects of the universe are explored in recurring segments. The hosts talk tabletop and video games at “The Dejarik Table,” argue what should remain Legend in “I Will Make It Canon,” embrace the imperfections of Star Wars in “The Criticism Corner,” and many more. Along the way, listeners will enjoy the kind of banter that only 25+ years of friendship fueled by a mutual love of Star Wars can provide.

Listeners will likely find something in each host to identify with. Jesse has remained a steadfast lifelong Star Wars fanatic, accumulating a wealth of detailed Star Wars knowledge and an inspiring devotion to all things related to that galaxy far, far away. Mike was a childhood fan who dropped out in the years following the prequels, but whose love for the universe was rekindled by The Force Awakens and Celebration Anaheim in 2015. Not one to pull his punches, Mike understands that it’s okay to pick on something you love, and is always ready with a witty jab. Their personalities play off of each other in a way that will keep guests engaged and laughing through each episode.